Performance Monitor

Version: 1.3.1-beta.2
Date: 2018-01-19

Performance Monitor allows you to test the peformance of AdaptableBlotter.JS, running on top of OpenFin's Hypergrid using dummy data.

You can stipulate the number of columns and the number of rows, and set the 'ticking rate' of the Blotter.

You can additionally see how many Conditional Styles are running at any one time (and of course add your own) and also monitor the framerate of the Blotter.

The columns with a bold font ('String Column1', 'Int Column2') are editable.

If you require further information please visit our website or use the online help. Alternatively download the Adaptable Blotter User Guide.

Licence Information
Please note that Adaptable Blotter licences are free for development use, but a paid-for annual end-user licence is required for each production user. For more information please read the Licence File or contact Adaptable Tools Support.

Source Code
The Repository for the Performance Monitor is located here.